The thing about running is that suddenly you have this all time to just be with yourself. There’s nothing to distract you from the lists, questions, fantasies, and theories incubated  by your mind.  Running can be a wonderful time to clear out the mental clutter, but it can be a spinning record of sadness, anger and grief when you are dealing with the loss of your friend.

On Thursday the world lost a hero. Sarah Burke was a talented athlete and champion of women’s skiing. For those that knew her, she was so much more. It’s impossible to sum anyone up in words of course, but when I think about Sarah, I think how sparkly she was. She positively shone. Her smile, her sense of humour, her sweetness, her love of life, her love for her friends, for her family, and for Rory. It rips at my heart to think of what he especially is going through right now. It may be too soon to take solace in the fact that he loved and was loved by such an incredible person, someone who touched so many.

The brightest lights leave the darkest holes when they are gone, but her memory will shine on.

Rest in peace Sarah.


Here is a lovely tribute written by Jeff Schmuck of Newschoolers.