Thank you so much for taking action to stop the smears and stop the Enbridge pipeline.

We’ve just sent your message by email to Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver, and also your MP and the opposition critics for Natural Resources. A copy of your message is attached. We will also be passing on your comments to the Joint Review Panel for the pipeline as a formal submission if you asked us to.

Now, we need your help to spread the word. We need to create a huge public outcry to show the Joint Review Panel and government that Canadians expect them to put the best interests of Canada before the private profits of powerful oil companies.

Would you please consider sending an email to anyone that you think would be interested, to ask them if they will join you in this campaign? We’ve included an email below that you can forward if you like.

Thanks again.

With hope and respect,

Matthew on behalf of the team

p.s. It will take sustained effort to protect our coast and our climate from the threat of the Enbridge pipeline. We’d like to keep you informed, but it doesn’t look like you opted in. Please click here to opt-in and we will keep you in the loop on this campaign.