Yesterday, I bumped into my friend Jackie. I knew she was into running and so we started to chat about what this running thing is all about. What she had to say was really profound.

She said; “As kids we ran all the time without even thinking about it. And then we stopped. Later, something made us put our running shoes on again. Either we were running away from something or we were running towards something.”

How’s that for being stabbed by a laser beam of insight?!

For me running has long been a way of shaking off the day. Whether it was clearing my head after a bad day or clearing my heart after an argument or let down, running was my escape.

Signing up for the Edge to Edge marathon has given my running purpose. Now I am running towards a goal. And you know what? Running towards something is really powerful stuff. Now, my sights are on more than the marathon, they are on standing up for what I believe in: opposing ill-conceived oil projects that jeopardize the interests of communities & ecosystems. I can’t help but think that a bigger event is needed. A relay race across BC the length of the proposed Enbridge pipeline (1177 km) is what I have in mind. That’s 28 people running a full marathon, 56 people running a half and so on. Aiming for early to mid September 2012. I’m just exploring the feasibility of organizing such an event right now soooo I would LOVE any insights or suggestions from you dear readers. Who feels like doing the “Save the Great Bear Run?”