20 km and 2 coyotes…. pretty much sums up my run on Monday. Throw a little sunshine into the mix and it was a fantastic run.

You know what else is great? These guys:

Nathan and Sam “walked, swam, and paddled about 450km of pristine coastline totally devoid of trails, visitors, and just about everything else from the modern world. The hike took six weeks and showed [them] both that the title “Galapagos of the North” is apropos for Haida Gwaii.”

Pretty inspiring….http://www.tankersnothankers.ca/

Also, Frank Wolf and Todd McGowan who “biked, hiked, rafted and kayaked the GPS track of the pipeline in order to uncover the truth about the proposal.”


Then there’s the protest in Prince Rupert that took place over the weekend.1000 people expressing their disapproval of the Northern Gateway Pipeline- yesss! Just need to keep and build this momentum…


Then there’s today’s run? Wet, cold, no coyotes.

Still good stuff to share though. Like:

Hollyhock: Canadian Lifelong Learning Centre mobilizing social change agents and giving them the tools to do BIG things. My momentum is building just thinking about the amazing things they’re up to. Check it out:


Also inspiring friends with great ideas to share and willingness to act as a sounding wall. Thanks Kevin, Sylvie and Ben- love you!