This is what I’m listening to right now:

John Butler Trio- you are ruling my living room right now.  And it is especially sweet sitting in the afterglow of a quick 9.5 km run. It is freakishly warm right now with just a bit of drizzle so the run was fine, but it’s nice to be finished and soaking in the endorphins! Running is becoming a sort of meditation and I’m beginning to realize that what I really love is not so much the running itself as the space the run creates. Space in the day to just be. Time to contemplate without doing. A time to reconnect with the earth and the atmosphere.

I even got a couple of nods from fellow runners today (I wasn’t wearing my blue leg warmers today so I probably looked more normal). It’s amazing when you connect with perfect strangers and feel part of a newly discovered community. And did I mention the dogs? Just a bunch of really great dogs, out with their people and their toys. There is one little border collie puppy named Osh that seems to know me now and always comes running over to give me a tongue bath. Her owner is this nice man who always asks how my run is going and it’s just a lovely experience.

So that’s my short but sweet running reflection for today.