I’m talking about between my toes. It was a tip I read on this running site: http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/beginners/your-first-marathon-words-from-the-wise/2800.html

…and I have to say it’s an excellent one! Toe chafing is highly uncomfortable as is any kind of chafing for that matter so I have begun using vaseline strategically for all my long runs.

I also had to do some research on the delicate matter of my lower intestines violently trying to escape my body (I think you know what I’m getting at here) at about the 2 hour mark of running. It’s an extreme situation that I’ve come to learn is whimsically referred to as “runners trots.” Having grown up around horses, I find this term highly amusing…What’s not amusing is actually having a fierce case of the trots descend upon you, forcing you to frantically scurry into the bush for what can only be described as a mild exorcism.

Once the shaking and sweating subsided I found myself a little worried thinking about race day and how awkward the “trots” would be. Apparently, too much fibre and caffeine could be to blame (guilty on both counts) and just having “novice” bowels as it were. I actually read that it is an affliction that happens to novice runners…It seems my bowels have some maturing to do. I’m delighted that this marathon is supporting personal growth on so many levels.

Other than this super personal stuff that I’m sure everyone finds fascinating, I’ve really been lucking out with the weather for my long runs. Monday was a gorgeous blue bird day that looked right out of an ad for Whistler Blackcomb, much like these:


(I figure if I don’t take pictures, I can at least show some that others have taken)

Better still, check out the work of local photographer legend Blake Jorgenson:


So that’s about it. I am off to do some Fartleks at the gym. I sure hope they weren’t named after someone. That would have been one awkward childhood.