That doesn’t make it the easiest. Not by a long shot. So many of life’s challenges have simple solutions that are incredibly difficult to execute. World hunger, poverty, and war for instance all have a very simple cure- sharing- but this simple practice, taught in kindergarden, for some reason has proven near impossible for our global society.

Hopefully, my plan to run across BC is more tenable. I know it will be, because I can take 100% full control over that decision. Sure I have some big “how the heck am I going to do that?!” questions to figure out, but it is totally happening.

For instance- I need a biodiesel van. I am putting that out there and I have a good feeling the Universe is going to deliver. Two friends have already offered their vehicles, one of which runs on waste veggie oil (Thanks Abma). I need something that I can sleep in (along with a crew) so I am being more specific with my need. I hope the Universe doesn’t find me nit picky. At any rate, I am trying to keep an open curious mind about the whole thing realizing that there isn’t a lot to figure out- just lace up my sneakers and go (and go  and go!). It really is the easiest way forward (thanks to the ever quotable Matt Hill for that gem of thought)

Another interesting moment happened a couple of days ago when I was talking in my apparently loud and animated way over the phone to my Dad. I was getting worked up about the tar sands and this nice woman walks over to me and passes me a note that says she’s a journalist and interested in what I’m up to. Turns out she is the EXACT right person I need to throw some questions at about developing a social media storytelling campaign. (although she might not know this yet).

She also asked a very important question that I am going to answer via video and post HERE very soon.

She asked me what MY personal connection is to the tar sands issue, which is the exact question I want to ask everyone I encounter on my run and am now asking you. Seriously- tell me your thoughts about expanding the tar sands and building a pipeline across BC.