I’ve read this over and over and each time it lights up my heart. Julia, you are an inspiration.

The river of infinite answers lies within us

Imagine you and your life as a compass. For a compass to work, it must have a magnet that aligns with the earth’s magnetic true north at any given time. If your compass has no magnet, the arrow will spin around aimlessly and the compass will be useless.

In a production-driven society, we are often like compasses with no magnet. We think the arrow on our compass is pointing us in the right direction. So we follow the chatter in our minds and our lives that goes something like, “Maybe that’s the right job,” or “Maybe that’s the right person,” or “Maybe that’s the right education.” There are so many ways we look outside of ourselves for fulfillment, meaning, and purpose; we are just like the arrow seeking to find “true north.” Then we get really excited when we feel we have found something that feels as close to “right”…

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