In a move as predictable as a victim falling prey to a villain in a slasher film, the Harper government has hacked apart the Environmental Review Process, tossing aside 50 years of environmental development and awareness as Suzuki points out:

Check out this CBC interview with David Suzuki:

Not only is the federal government reducing the number of departments and agencies that can do environmental reviews from 40 to just 3, it is dramatically shortening the review time to just 24 months.

So the Northern Gateway Review Process could conclude in May, a whole year and half earlier than initially scheduled.

It comes as no surprise as Harper is simply making good on his promise to China to approve the pipelines, “radicals” and “environmentalists” be damned. Apparently wanting clean air and water, sustainable land-based livelihoods, respect for the rule of law and First Nations territories and the ability to trust…

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