My heart’s voice rises to speak, and for all I have learned and gained in my life, I would give it all back to keep this place wild. 

Lisa Bland, Wake Up World (

This is a beautifully written and evocative piece written by a woman that grew up in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest. A place that she now carries in her heart.I am excited to speak with her tomorrow about an article she might write on Band Together BC. 

An interesting thing happened to me this evening. I was out on my run when a woman from the Mount Curry Band returned my call regarding the historical and cultural importance of bears in the area to First Nations here (related to an interpretive sign the Get Bear Smart Society will have made for the Callaghan). She told me the story of how a mother bear brought her cubs to the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre when the site was under construction. They wandered through the building and in the First Nations culture, it is understood that the bear had blessed the building. No sooner had we hung up the phone, then I saw my first bear of the season. A large male that likes to hang out at the golf course. He’s a real character and was in true form tonight- standing on his hind legs and rubbing his back against a large spruce. From my angle, he looked like he was getting his grove on!!

Naturally, I took it as a sign. A blessing of sorts for my journey ahead. 

When I arrived home, I discovered my inbox was full of people in Whistler and the northern Communities offering their help. Which made me cry. Naturally.