I feel like a bundle of nerves- raw and exposed. My first marathon is one week away and it’s just the beginning of a long road ahead. It’s been an incredible journey so far, filled with the extremes of emotion that come with tackling a huge project and most definitely an accelerated personal growth phase. Organizing a campaign of this magnitude has involved stepping outside of my comfort zone and exploring new territory in the realm of my physical and mental limitations, which has only just begun. There has been a lot of embracing of the unknown..well embracing might be a bit of an overstatement. Perhaps it’s more like giving the unknown a quick peck on the check and keeping it warily in view!

Along the way, I’ve met passionate inquisitive people with insights on my run and campaign. Here are some of my learning moments in no particular order. 

Running with people is actually pretty fun. I wrote a scathing treatise against running partners a while back that I’m going to have to revoke. I just hadn’t had a pleasurable group running experience until I joined Christine Suter’s Saturday morning running group. As much as I like to run in the afternoons, running first thing when it’s super fresh and the day is new is really nice. I experienced new routes and people that could help establish a good pace and afterwards enjoyed coffee with a couple friends- new and old. So delightful that I’m looking forward to some company on my run. Ya Jackie and Martha!!  

If an event happens and there isn’t enough press coverage did it happen? Well, no. This sage bit of wisdom came from a fellow at ECO, a Toronto based communications firm that specializes in marketing for non-profits and social enterprises. It means I need to redouble my efforts to let the media know what I’m up to. Point taken!

There is seemingly no end to people’s generosity. I am blown away by the donations and support offered.

Andy, Jackie, Martha, Julia Jimmy and Shannon (and of course my love Nate) will possibly be driving or running part of the journey with me. Fruv has generously provided Fruv wear and Salomon has hooked me up with a pair of awesome sneakers. Craig at Squamish FM donated his social media savvy and some pins… Laura, Jennie and Susan donated enough Milla for many miles.  James, Jimmy and Amber at Base Roots have donated a healthy energy fruit / veggie puree to support my dietary needs.  Sarinda will also be sending some raw food snacks with me. Kevin Pegg is decking the Delica out in solar panels…the list is very long and it fills my heart to the brim with gratitude! Must give back is the lesson here!

“Everything will fall into place.” This has become a sort of mantra to me, and even though I find my self in the grip of anxiety every now and then, I keep reminding my self to loosen my grip and let myself be caught or grow wings in falling into the unknown. 

There are amazing tools for sharing every sound and pixel one could ever hope to record. So now it’s just up to me to get comfortable with using them and find a system that will work in remote areas. This is still on my “to Do” list. 

Harnessing people’s innate talents, it’s the art of delegation and then some as people reach out to lend a hand I am learning how to ask which had they prefer to use. 

Breathing. So important. 

That’s it for now. I am off to get a run in and hopefully find a bit of calm.