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Well I tried to add text to the Delica photo, but either wordpress or my tired brain just weren’t having it so here we have post number two. Just try to recall the image of beautiful Delica as you read along…[I later figure it out..see below]

So Band Together BC is officially the proud owner of a slightly used Delica that will soon run on the fruits of your french fries!!!  Suddenly the campaign just got a whole lot more real- which is exciting and I’l be honest a little scary too. But the timing and the people are all aligning so perfectly that I know without a doubt that I am on the right track. Next step: get this baby converted to waste veggie oil and then have some solar installed to power a fridge (it suddenly occurred to me that fresh fruits and veggies might be nice on my journey). My friend Kevin Pegg, Energy Alternatives, has kindly offered to rig up the solar. Add the names of donors to the Delica and I will be all set. I intend to start my journey on July 8 and will post a rough schedule ASAP

The $4000 mark was broken today which means $5000 is right around the corner, which means we’ll be 1/3 of the way there. YES!! 

The generosity and outpouring of support in many lovely forms is flowing, quite overwhelming in fact. Many kind words and acts- like Elly organizing my schedule, Deighen connecting me to all the right people, Nicole giving me nutritional advice, and my dear friend Joe organizing fundraisers all the way in Sierra Leone. This on top of offers to host gatherings and write news articles, to drive the Delica and give me massages. And then there are the generous donations sent from family and friends and strangers too. Wow. Thank you. 


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