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I was feeling pretty proud of myself and my little ole playlist until I did some research on the world wide web and discovered this blog:

This guy makes playlists for his runner wife and friends- that are timed to specific beats per minute. “Jamie” for instance has “Best Running Music- Jamie’s Mix: 140-160 BPM (for runners w/ mile pace of 9.5-10.5 minutes).” All I can say is: Wow.*

So he is pretty much ruling it in the husband department and the making playlists for runners department.

As a result, I’m now feeling insecure about my playlist. I just threw together peppy songs I like. What if the BPM’s are all wrong? Perhaps it’s the reason I’ve been running a 23 minute mile? Just kidding. I only just made this playlist, I’ve been running that slow all on my own 🙂 (Really I’m just kidding)

Clearly, I’m in need of some help. THANK GOD, WordPress offers polls! I thought it was just a kitsch reference to Heathers (remember Heathers?!), but no the Poll is an extremely useful tool that I’m certain will come in wicked handy. Too bad, the functionality doesn’t function on my computer (Note to WordPress. Macs are cool now. Why can’t we all just get along?!).

So, here I’ve got a sweet little poll inquiring about best first songs for running playlists and I can’t upload ANY of the options. What gives?!  Before it even had a chance, my poor little poll has gone from “Damn! that’s good poll!” to “Ho hum, I guess I’ll go watch the English Patient now”

So my apologies for the mundane non-multi-media-ness of this poll.

I welcome any and all musical suggestions.

* There is a treeplanting term for this kind of person and it’s “High Baller.”

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