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I’m a little ashamed, but this past week featured a whole lot more wine-ing and dining than running and yoga-ing. So I was really glad to get in a sweet run today (back on the program baby!) even if it was only for an hour. I’m in Vancouver for a couple days so it was a great change of scenery from Whistler where the mountain panoramas, massive cedars and lakes can get really really boring. Kidding. But Vancouver is a spectacular place to run what with all the bike paths, pedestrian-friendly traffic lights and gorgeous gardens sprinkled liberally throughout the city. And its got mountains and ocean vistas which is a pretty great combination. Today I followed my Running Buddy’s advice and worked my way from her house on East 11th to Queen Elizabeth Park-“Vancouver’s Horticultural Jewel!”- a gorgeous park featuring ducky ponds, delicate stone and wooden bridges and an observatory where you can catch a glimpse of both mountains and ocean in the distance. I of course was running WAAAY too fast to really see the view, but I could tell it was there.  I really wish my Run Keeper had not decided to go completely haywire because it would be nice to know exactly how far and fast I am running. I have to say my experience with Run Keeper has led to a distrust for these apps in general. Nate (my hub-ster) has an app on his phone for when we’re snowboarding on the mountain and it shows our route and speed. Yesterday it said that our top speed was 71 km which I just found a little hard to believe. I mean we’re going fast, but that seems WAAAY too fast! Nate of course found it completely believable so we had to find a non-partial 3rd party- enter Google (I mean is there any other reason to have a smart phone?) A quick google search for average snowboarding speed came up with a range of answers but my favourite by far was a best answer on Yahoo Answers:

Question: How fast on average do snowboarders go?

Answer: About half as fast as they think they are going.

Exactly. So today on my supposedly 16 km run that only took me an hour to complete, I had a choice:

Assume I was running WAAAAY fast or consider the possibility that the distance was a titch shorter than   initially thought. I don’t have an app to prove me different, so I am claiming WAAAY fast 🙂





Tonight I cheated on my marathon. For yoga. It was a classic case of seeking out the warmth and comfort of an old friend. I should probably feel more guilty about this, but me and yoga go back a long way. I even call it “yogs” (pronounced ‘y-oh-gs’)- we’re that close.

I really did have every intention of doing my 7.5 km run today, but I should have known that it just wasn’t in the cards. You see, I started my day by going snowboarding (yup I live in the playground for grown-ups called Whistler), which was awesome except (and here’s where the whining begins), it wasn’t. For starters the wind had scoured a lot of the snow off of the mountain and second it was cold.* Even some of my guy friends were complaining about their fingers being cold, so it wasn’t just ‘girl cold,’ it was actually cold.   I was hanging with my friend Liz that I hadn’t seen in ages so we were toughing it out, but it wasn’t long before we threw in the towel. Not before consuming a beer and a cookie, which was my second indication that the run probably wasn’t going to happen.

I still hadn’t clued in when I got home though, because I proceeded to make a running playlist- for the next 3 hours. Unfortunately, thinking about running is not the same thing as actually running (sigh).

I ended up with the mother of all playlists (to be shared soon!), but found myself sitting on the couch, in my running clothes, but not running. [brace yourself for more whining]. I looked outside and noticed it was getting dark out. AND it was snowing. AND I was still kind of cold from earlier. AND there was a yoga class about to begin so…there you have it- I caved.

And damn it was soo good. It was a nice warm room and stretching the hamstrings and hips felt goood. I’m just going to chalk it up to a momentary lapse. Tomorrow is a new day.

*I should have known it was cold because my feline friend Mojo did ‘cold paws’ when I suggested he go outside to play with Bo this morning. (yup, Mojo’s best friend is named Bo, which would be super cute if it weren’t for the fact that Bo tends to beat the crap out of Mojo). Cold paws look like Mojo is trying to flick water from his paws but really are code for “brrrr, I’m not going out there. Are you crazy?! What I will do is have some tuna and sleep for the next 23 hours.”

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