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3 days until I leave on an epic mission, millions of details still to work out, and here I am in Rhode Island- eating ice cream. I’m chalking it up to one of those moments when life forces you to slow down and have fun against your will. It’s the 4th of July and Nate and I are here, spending the holiday with his family at ground zero of the oldest 4th of July parade in the country. Fireworks, concerts, a carnival and the parade have meant noisy revelry has surrounded us these hot humid days and its been a blast to take it all in. Spending time with much missed family and getting fed incredibly well has also been really nice.

I find it interesting that this experience will in so many ways be the exact opposite of what the next month and a half will be like- I’m anticipating long stretches of solitude, rain, cooler temperatures and a noticeable absence of Americans wearing red, white and blue from head to foot.

I also find it interesting that just this minute Charlie, Nate’s stepdad, has handed me a magazine to read on the road that features 2 poignant articles- one on the Tarahumara people of Mexico that routinely run vast distances and seem to really enjoy it. The author writes: “They are very shy, very serious people, but when they start running everything transforms. They just love running.” And strangely, I can relate to this feeling. I actually do really like that feeling of moving under my own power. Whether I will be able to sustain that feeling remains to be seen, but I intend on channeling the Tarahumara. 

The second article is entitled “Storytelling for personal growth and social change” which is also so eerily relevant to my journey I feel like I just got playfully smacked by some higher power. I just glanced at the article, but a couple of things jumped out at me: “I have the feeling that we want to listen to each other more” says Jay Allison, Director of Atlantic Public Media and Producer of the The Moth Radio Hour. A storytelling show. “When you tap into your own stories, you understand better who you are.” I share both of these perspectives and am looking forward to the insights that emerge about all kinds of alternative energy- from that which we can tap as individuals in our quest for personal growth, that generated by new ideas and systems, and that which we can harness in our homes and communities. At Conservation Leadership Action Workshop, I met one woman that has been living with her family off grid for over 20 years and 2 young people that will be building and Earthship and exploring ways of organizing an intentional community. I look forward to connecting with others that are similarly experienced or passionate about sustainable living and renewable energy. 

Just a couple more days of crazy detail figuring out and then I can get to the good stuff- running and storytelling. 

I hope you will follow me on my journey on The blog entries will appear on the main page and I intend to use it as my primary outlet.   

I’m a little ashamed, but this past week featured a whole lot more wine-ing and dining than running and yoga-ing. So I was really glad to get in a sweet run today (back on the program baby!) even if it was only for an hour. I’m in Vancouver for a couple days so it was a great change of scenery from Whistler where the mountain panoramas, massive cedars and lakes can get really really boring. Kidding. But Vancouver is a spectacular place to run what with all the bike paths, pedestrian-friendly traffic lights and gorgeous gardens sprinkled liberally throughout the city. And its got mountains and ocean vistas which is a pretty great combination. Today I followed my Running Buddy’s advice and worked my way from her house on East 11th to Queen Elizabeth Park-“Vancouver’s Horticultural Jewel!”- a gorgeous park featuring ducky ponds, delicate stone and wooden bridges and an observatory where you can catch a glimpse of both mountains and ocean in the distance. I of course was running WAAAY too fast to really see the view, but I could tell it was there.  I really wish my Run Keeper had not decided to go completely haywire because it would be nice to know exactly how far and fast I am running. I have to say my experience with Run Keeper has led to a distrust for these apps in general. Nate (my hub-ster) has an app on his phone for when we’re snowboarding on the mountain and it shows our route and speed. Yesterday it said that our top speed was 71 km which I just found a little hard to believe. I mean we’re going fast, but that seems WAAAY too fast! Nate of course found it completely believable so we had to find a non-partial 3rd party- enter Google (I mean is there any other reason to have a smart phone?) A quick google search for average snowboarding speed came up with a range of answers but my favourite by far was a best answer on Yahoo Answers:

Question: How fast on average do snowboarders go?

Answer: About half as fast as they think they are going.

Exactly. So today on my supposedly 16 km run that only took me an hour to complete, I had a choice:

Assume I was running WAAAAY fast or consider the possibility that the distance was a titch shorter than   initially thought. I don’t have an app to prove me different, so I am claiming WAAAY fast 🙂





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